About Lens Lab

I’m a photographer and Multimedia Manager at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, a physics lab run by Stanford University in Menlo Park, California. Lens Lab chronicles my adventure working as a photographer and non-scientist at SLAC.

That’s me posing in the picture above, at 4:30 one morning, with a shiny experiment chamber under a hopeless-looking tangle of wires. (Typical scene around here.) It’s a shot I took on last-minute assignment for an image to accompany a press release in early February 2011. The chamber itself was not in use that morning, and because of the impossibly early hour, I was alone. That gave me the time I needed to set up my lights and make the shot. My left hand was holding the trigger, which is why it’s hidden from view.

This is what I do. Although I generally try to stay behind the camera.

Lens Lab is the visual story of science at a National Lab, and the tools and techniques used in the telling.

Brad Plummer, June 2011